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“I'm a big fan of ginger and have known about its restorative and cleansing properties. So when I was introduced to recoup, I was hooked! My favorite flavor — pineapple — is the perfect refreshment when I feel under the weather or just need a quick pick me up.” -Julie Q.

“There are many beverage options to choose from, but recoup is uniquely positioned to serve a wide range of people with a purposeful mission to improve well-being no matter what the challenge is. recoup is also simply crafted using pure ingredients that work well together to balance function and great taste -- it's soothing, not too sweet, and something that you look forward to enjoying regularly.” - Selina A.

"Being a chef in NYC demands long days and serious physical exertion. Naturally, these days have inspired some pretty long nights. My search for sources of rehab from the work week had become almost a daily quest.  After being introduced to recoup and using the product to assist in my daily operations I can say with confidence, this product works. The balance of ginger and pressed juices go a long way to refuel the body while hints of maple water make for a truly unique experience. I would recommend this product to anyone dealing with physical or gastro issues, to folks looking for a coffee substitute or hangover cure and anyone spending an extended amount of time on their feet. Loved It! - Chris O.

“In the last month, I have had a recoup beverage on three occasions: after a cross-country flight, after a long night at the office, and after Christmas Eve revelry and indulgences.  Each time recoup got me feeling back to normal again.  The flavors are amazing and it feels good to drink something with all natural ingredients that are good for me.  Thank you Recoup!  I am a customer for life!” - Lauren S.

"I love ginger and use it all the time in my food for its therapeutic properties. But I never imagined that a plant-based water with ginger and honey could be so delicious! I am now a big fan of recoup, and so is my toddler!" - Sowmya K