Ginger-Powered Hydration + Health

for post-workout recovery and daily wellness

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with organic ginger, known to support muscle recovery + digestion + immunity

100% natural

nothing artificial

no processed sugar or stevia

made with organic ginger, hydrating tree water, fresh juice and a hint of wildflower honey.

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2 tsp of pressed organic ginger

in every bottle, the same amount used in clinical studies showing ginger helps reduce post-workout muscle soreness, aids digestion, and boosts immunity.

recoup is one of Olivia Palermo's top picks!

"This is the best drink to have after a long workout as the ingredients help to support muscle recovery and keep me hydrated." -Olivia Palermo

cool down, stretch, recoup

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I can't believe this is only 60 calories! It tastes soooo good!

Mel F.

The pineapple + coconut recoup made me feel like a beach goddess on a tropical island.

Taylor D.

I recommend recoup to anyone looking for a coffee substitute or hangover cure and those spending an extended amount of time on their feet. Love it!

Chris O.

The flavors are amazing and it feels good to drink something with all-natural ingredients. Thank you, recoup! I’m a customer for life.

Lauren S.

I'm a big fan of ginger and all its restorative properties. So, when I was introduced to recoup, I was hooked!

Julie Q.